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Lent 2017

This year nodbear and I will be doing our usual lent posts, but with a difference. We're going to try to share positive news stories all the way through, with some reflections related to them, particularly on Fridays. Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts will be here, with Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at nodbear's.

And for those of you who are observing Shrove Tuesday in the traditional way, enjoy your pancakes!


A daft joke

Was thinking - in a serious context - earlier about the widow's mite. Made me think of this old joke, that was told to me by a lay reader:

Churchwarden to new curate: What text are you preaching on, Sunday?
Curate: I thought I'd do the story of the window's mite.
Churchwarden: Ooh, I wouldn't.
Curate: Why?
Churchwarden: There are only two widows in this parish and both of them 'do'.


Having a Beach Boys morning

Full of little gems like this:

Staying put

I've had an account at Dreamwidth for charliecochrane since the last LJ hoo-hah. I'm still mirroring it on LJ and Wordpress. mylodon will be staying here for the foreseeable future as that, at present, is where all my fandom lives.